About Us


"In 2006 Reliable Materials purchased the quarry at the corner of First Ave and Ogden Ave in Lyons, Illinois. Since then we have been filling it up with clean fill. Clean fill is stone, broken concrete, broken asphalt and dirt that has been tested to meet IEPA standards.

We have a large volume of customers that do business with us every day by either picking up various stones, concrete, shingles, and asphalt, or dumping them off.

One of our more exciting products that produce here at Reliable Materials Lyons, LLC are Recycle Asphalt Shingles (RAS). We shred roof shingles that would have otherwise gone into a landfill. We then extract the oil and reuse them to make asphalt for our local cities and towns at our sister company, Reliable Asphalt Corporation. This keeps unnecessary waste from going into our environment. We are very proud to be an integral part of the world of recycling."